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Come on now, people!  I've got this subject matter cornered!


Yes, it's a dreaded experience that every baby must face. The Snot Snatcher!  Also known as the good ole' nasal aspirator, This little tool is essential because it's the only way to get those nasty little buggers out of your little treasure's tiny nose. In case you didn't know it, babies can't blow! When you leave the hospital they will give you a little blue nasal aspirator and I must say it worked better than all the other ones I tried and buyed.  Why waste your money on the Nasal Clear then?  A whopping $39.99!!! Hell no!


That's what I thought until this nifty little invention arrived on my doorstep. The Nasal Clear by Bebe Sounds really does suck the snot out!


New! NasalClearTM Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator

That's right!

The thing runs on batteries. It's like putting a vacuum up to your kids' nose and letting it rip - I mean suck.  It's the best snot snatcher a mommy can buy.  Not only that, the thing actually plays music while it's doing the job.  I was very impressed by the fact that it seems to create a suction that locks on to Baby Nose's nose so he can't escape the snot snatcher - not once it's got suction of his little nasal canal! 


Now, truth be told, he hates all snot snatchers and I just found out that if I take a wet wipe and rub his nose it gets a very good amount of snot out without all the fuss and fight. But when the buggers are unruly and have taken camp in the back of Baby Nose's little nose - Mommy Nose is the first one to whip out the Nasal Clear and go to work on him!


On this subject of snot snatching I'd have to say if there was ever a time to trust MOMMY NOSE this would have to be it!


Peace Out,

Mommy Nose

Very Good Job Bebe Sounds!

I give you 4 babies walking